If you value your business No.4 – Be Different

Have you changed your business in any significant way in recent years? Are your products or services different from those you compete with?

Like everything else in this world, business is cyclical. To stay ahead of their competitors the top companies evolve; they change their image, offer new and better products and services and constantly work to innovate, inspire and stand out from the crowd.

Those that don’t, begin to look stale and uninteresting. They can give the impression that they don’t care enough about their business, in which case why should the consumers of their products? Their own people will wonder where the business is going and if it will survive…they will lose motivation and eventually leave. And in time this lack of innovation and the loss of motivation and key people will hit the company’s bottom line.

For the vast majority of companies, whatever their business, there will be other equivalent businesses. The number of competitors continually increases whilst the available attention of your customers or prospects forever diminishes.

Having good products and services is no longer enough. Being good at what you do won’t necessarily grab the attention of your prospect who is bombarded with offers and pitches and who has increased his or her filtering skills just to get through the day and their work load.

To be seen and heard, you must stand out, you must be different.

Take time out; walk away from your business and ask if it is different. If what you offer doesn’t stand out then, no matter how good what you offer is, it’s unlikely to be heard above the din of all the other businesses offering the same.

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